Pitt Of Hell Jewish Shooting Hoax-Video no longer plays but read on...

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

You-Tube is sparing no one in their quest to control freedom of expression that accompanies free speech. I'm a tiny itty bitty fish in a pond of whales on youtube and yet they removed three of my videos they deem to be false news though I only put what I see with my eyes and then let others decide for themselves. What are they afraid of, that it may be true?

Dems are tossing it all out there with Migration of mass intruders, non functional bombs sent to themselves and now back to gun grabbing! Let's discuss this latest Jewish mini holocaust. I have to put in a gallery so you can see how everyone stood around wasting my tax dollars and how the same faces keep popping up. (decided to just do a video)

In a neighborhood full of Jews I only saw one I could say was Jewish for certain but everyone else appears like an average idiot neighbor. During the Vigil I watched I could see only two wearing the hat thing. I thought the men always wore it. The vigil looked more like a block party on New Years Eve than a sad event of murder and mayhem.

Usually you see all kinds of dramatic interviews but the news people appeared uninterested in interviews at all. Maybe they are running out of crisis actors. Who knew they have shortages. Maybe people realize the extent of damage they are partaking in and waking up. Joining the resistance. Maybe some big shot is running out of money trying to fund all this shit at once.

Now let's do a run down to see if I understand. A man joined Gab earlier this year (how convenient, easier to come up with made up posts) and decided at mid election to start putting down Jews (Mistaking them for the immigration taking place from Honduras?), and he just so happens, with a felony, knows where to purchase an AK 15 or maybe he had one lying around (I never understood how every single gunslinger of all ages has one of those), then trucks his happy ass down to that place where all the Jews hang out convinced he'll kill a whole lot of them since they'll all be in one place, then barges in screaming 'All you Jews have to die!!!' and starts shooting into a crowd of no less than 40 in one single room, but could be up to 60 because naming a baby is a big event indicating there are families there with little children and infants. My question is 'Did he stand at the door or walk about?' Since he missed all but 11 kills and 6 he wounds I think he stood at the door. Could you imagine only hitting 17 when up to sixty are corralled in front of you? Amateur shooting but hey, he missed every child there! Pat him on the back for that at least. God bless the babies.

After this blockbuster fail he goes to run out the door greeted my a cop? How the hell did they get there so quick? He just shot the gun and BOOM the hero's arrive! So he runs back in (or had a shootout with the one cop) and runs back in towards a crowd of 28 to 48 people who could attempt to stop him but for some strange gutless reason they do nothing but watch and then watch a bleeding cop chase him or maybe other cops too. The news people are not very clear on the details. Somewhere in this building of three floors full of people he has another showdown with the cops and everyone gets shot except the Jews because they hid, where ever it is 40 to 60 people can hide in a split second flat. The bad guy is shot several times but not killed so he surrenders and off to the hospital he goes. Shows over. They manage to evacuate all these people before the media catches wind of it (though I swear they use scanners to find big stories AND, not one neighbor heard or saw anything until the news came on)....... and they were never seen again! It was as if that first day, they never even existed. Similar to a myth or legend. They were talked about but nobody ever saw them......spooky.

Who they interviewed:

An Ex Rabbi who no longer attends services (or wears his beanie cap)

The CEO of the federation of Jews in Pittsburgh who was not there so who cares what he says

A Pittsburgh bishop who is Catholic and was not there so who the fuck cares what he has to say either

A woman bringing flowers only because she heard the radio and felt the need to do something, explaining this while sniffing and whining like she's been crying for hours yet strangely her face isn't red, not even her nose , no one needed to give her a tissue, no tears were seen running down her face. Turns out she doesn't even live in Pittsburgh! She is just visiting. She wasn't there and doesn't know any of them so who gives a flying fuck what she has to say.

The county executive who expects to know the victims after all the mayor grew up in the city his whole life. They are bound to recognize some of the names. Why? Were they Jewish? Did they attend services here? NO, so who gives a fuck what this guy has to say!

As you can see they interviewed only the most useless contributors yielding no information to help us understand how this happened.

Where are all the Jews in this predominate Jewish neighborhood still hiding? The event is over! Find one of them! That is your job as a reporter!

Then a neighbor popped up. Non Jewish deaf and dumb. I say this because she lives a block away and heard no sirens of mass amounts of cops and ambulances. In fact her son called from out of state to ask her what was going on. Then she turns on the TV instead of walking a block and watch it live! Maybe with some other non Jewish neighbor since this entire community are as close as Siamese twins the way she describes it. This neighbor was also not there, in fact, she knew less than any of them so who gives a hoot what she has to say.

We would have got more info from the neighborhood cat than listening to these interviews.

The Vigil or should I say block party? When a Jewish girl got up to sing or something you could not hear her voice. Twice this happened. So maybe they were not Jewish at all and did not know the song of prayer that was intended for them to say. I saw only two beanie caps that Jewish men wear. I did see two trannys though. One singing and another (she'll be in the Video) with bright pink hair. She organized the block party. Her/his/its name was cody. I honestly thought it could be a girl with a boys name, but also, a boy pretending to be a girl. What a wonderful world we live in. There was laughter and lots of walking around. Not your common tribute to such a tragedy. None of them looked Jewish if you asked me except the two with the beanies.


Ok, Paypal bans GAB.com ? Why? What control do they have anymore than Twitter or FB? Shouldn't PP ban them as well from past shooters? I'm sure PP is connected in some way to those sites also. The article mentions 'bringing up the gun debate' as I said was one intention for this charade. 20 minutes they said! Twenty mins and only one pic of someone coming out? I'm sure the media was there.

If there was a subliminal message stuck in this mess I would say the first thing I noticed was news 11 in many videos and some pics because it has two 1's on the microphone that looks like the twin towers. The message 'remember the crises 911' Kinda nudging you towards being upset, outraged over Americans being attacked and killed. Getting you more emotional than need be. It is what they do. Hope I'm explaining it right.

I made it a point to join Gab and I am recommending it to everyone!

Let's just see a video of the day in action, it'll be far more interesting. I looked for pictures of the inside of this Tree of Life place but there are none of course. I just wanted to see how he missed so many or if it was even possible to miss anyone.

It's kinda fast but you have a pause button if you need it, use it

(If you go to my youtube channel know that my name is NOT Killergamer2000. That was my grandson's prank he played on me and I can't change it for another 30 days. I'm sure he had a good laugh!)


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